Our road machines are widely used in the applications:

-Road maintenance such as asphalt driveway repair, asphalt patch, driveway crack repair, driveway patch and pothole repair;

-Road construction: subgrade construction, tack coat, road paving, chip sealing, asphalt resurfacing;

-Municipal environmental sanitation: city sanitation, street cleaning, garbage transit, sewage treatment; wastewater treatment; sewage disposal.

Our heated hoses are widely used in the applications:

Hot melt equipment: Bonding and adhesion for packaging, bookbinding, plywood, disposable diapers, etc.

Dispensers: Devices, epoxy resin, silicone

Automotive applications: Transfer of butyl rubber and urethane

Resin molding: Transfer of high-viscosity resins (e.g. PP, PE, Acrylics, PVC), multi-layer molding

Science: Environment-related applications: Exhaust gas sampling and analysis equipment

Food and medical equipment-related: Transfer of substances such as chocolate, wax, oil and cosmetics

Painting industry: Hot air, hot sprays

Next-generation energy: Fuel cells, optical fiber

Others: Oil, grease, asphalt, tar enamel, ink vapor, condensation, antifreeze, etc.