Pavement Cracks Treatment

2023-10-09 15:04:40 ENUO

Pavement cracks are one of the most common road diseases. The following are some common methods for treating pavement cracks.

1. Pavement sealing treatment

For serious cracks in highway pavement, pavement sealing treatment technology can be used. Highway pavement seals include gravel seals, fog seals and sand seals. When carrying out gravel sealing, construction workers can spray an appropriate amount of emulsified asphalt on the road surface according to the actual situation, lay corresponding aggregates, and perform compaction treatment to improve the strength of the road surface.

2. Grouting

Grouting treatment is a common crack treatment technology on cement pavement, which is easy to operate and has good results. This technology uses high-pressure grouting pipes and other equipment to press cement slurry into cracks. In order to ensure the grouting treatment effect, an appropriate amount of epoxy resin needs to be applied around the cracks before formal construction to achieve the goal of sealing. Then place the grouting nozzle reasonably and stop grouting when the cement slurry overflows the grouting pipe.

3. crack filling

When cracks appear on asphalt pavement, treatment techniques need to be appropriately selected based on the crack width. When the crack width is greater than 5 mm, hot asphalt filling is used for treatment. During construction, the joint filling materials are prepared according to the site conditions and requirements, the asphalt is heated to about 160°C, and then poured into the cracks. Workers need to fill multiple times as appropriate, and can stop when the asphalt temperature drops to normal temperature. This method can effectively prevent the development of cracks, but it cannot solve the root cause of the crack problem. A better method is to use professional crack sealing equipment to heat the asphalt crack sealant and then filling the cracks , which will have a more lasting effect.

4. Excavation and filling

If the pavement cracks are caused by uneven settlement of the foundation, or if the road surface suffers from serious diseases such as large-scale cracks, excavation and filling treatment technology can be used to treat the pavement cracks. Before using this method for construction, it is necessary to treat base and soil diseases. After that, seams are cut on both sides of the cracks in the pavement, and the cracks are filled after digging out the surface layer. Then lay the fiberglass geogrid reasonably along the direction of the cracks. After the laying construction quality reaches the standard, the surface layer can be paved.

5. Paving

If the pavement cracks are caused by temperature shrinkage and the width is small, paving treatment technology can be used. Construction workers need to clean around the cracks, then spray emulsified asphalt and dry coarse sand evenly on the cracks, and then use a road roller to roll them to ensure that the new and old materials are fully mixed. If the crack width is greater than 5mm, it needs to be filled with asphalt sand and concrete to ensure the treatment effect. If the road surface has only minor cracks and no deformation, it can be oiled to reduce water seepage.