Cold Mix Asphalt Repair Material Construction Technology

2023-10-12 11:20:33 ENUO

With the development of economy and the continuous advancement of urbanization, asphalt pavement has begun to be widely used due to its driving comfort and construction convenience. However, asphalt pavement will crack due to various reasons during use. If it is not maintained in time, it will cause ruts, potholes and other diseases on the road, seriously affecting road use and driving safety, and shortening the service life of the road. . So how to repair potholes in asphalt pavement?

Asphalt pavement pothole repair technology can be roughly divided into three types: cold material cold patching technology (new repair material), hot material hot patching technology and hot material cold patching technology. Each method has its own characteristics and adapts to different situations. Construction personnel should choose the appropriate method according to the actual situation.

Cold laying is the most time-saving and labor-saving method for rapid repair. It does not require heating, can be operated at any time, and the total construction cost is low. The specific construction methods are as follows:

1. Cleaning of pits and grooves. Determine the location for trench excavation and mill or cut slits around it. Clean the gravel and debris in and around the pit to be repaired. There should be no mud, water or other debris in the pit. The repaired pits should have neatly cut edges, and waste residue should be removed until a solid solid surface is reached.

2. Apply interface agent. Apply interface agent around and at the bottom of the cleaned pits, especially around the pits. In this way, the bonding effect of new and old materials will be better.

3. Fill the pit with cold filling material. Fill enough cold patching material into the trench so that the filling material is about 1.5cm above the road surface. After filling, the center of the pit should be slightly higher than the surrounding road surface and should be curved. If the depth of pavement potholes is greater than 7cm, they should be filled in layers and compacted layer by layer, each layer being 3-4cm.

4. Compaction. After the paving is even, select appropriate compaction tools and methods for compaction based on the size and depth of the repair area. Such as car tire compaction, manual compaction, vibrating plate compaction, and road roller compaction. When repairing high-grade highways, the surroundings and corners of the repaired area should be fully compacted.

5. Open to traffic. The cold repair process takes a short time and can be opened to traffic directly after 10 minutes of repair.