Sand-containing Fog Seal Technology

2023-11-09 15:03:44 ENUO

Sand-containing fog seal is a new type of highway preventive maintenance technology. Its material is a mixture composed of special asphalt base material, fine aggregate, polymer modifier and catalyst. The construction of this technology uses a special high-pressure spray truck to spray on the asphalt pavement to form a thin layer, which can seal micro-cracks in the pavement, prevent loose stones from falling off, and prevent water from seeping down. This technology can also delay the aging of pavement asphalt, reduce the temperature of the asphalt surface layer and maintain the anti-skid performance of the pavement. After construction, the material can penetrate into the gaps between the aggregates, which is equivalent to a "blood transfusion" on the road surface, filling the tiny cracks and gaps in the road surface.

crack sealing machine

The sand-containing fog seal technology is suitable for various asphalt pavements. It can not only effectively replenish the oily matrix of asphalt on the pavement, activate the severely aged asphalt molecules, and reduce the hardening degree of the pavement. It can also solve various diseases caused by the loss of asphalt and significantly improve the appearance of the road. It can be used in preventive maintenance and road beautification projects on highways, municipal roads, airports, parking lots, shopping malls, and residential areas.

crack sealing machine


1.    It is especially suitable for early maintenance of pavement. It can delay the occurrence and development of pavement diseases and maintain the good performance of the pavement with a small maintenance cost. It is especially suitable for high-grade or newly built roads that have been open to traffic for 2-3 years and have no obvious diseases.

2.    It can also be used on pavements with serious asphalt aging. It can improve the aging asphalt on the pavement through its own reduction and regeneration characteristics, and at the same time significantly improve the appearance of the road.

3.    Effectively waterproof and improve the anti-skid performance of the road surface. Sand of appropriate particle size is mixed evenly with the reducing agent and then sprayed onto the road surface at high pressure. It not only has the advantages of the reducing agent seal layer and the fog seal layer, but also makes up for the shortcomings of the general fog seal layer's poor anti-skid performance.

crack sealing machine

Technical advantages

l  It has strong waterproof, exhaust and anti-skid properties;

l  It can prevent stones from loosening and falling off and fine sand from being lost;

l  Slow down the aging of road asphalt;

l  Significantly improves road surface appearance;

l  Water-based products, non-toxic, non-irritating, and in line with environmental protection concepts;

l  Product serialization, different products can be applied according to road conditions, and the price advantage is obvious;

l  The construction is simple and fast and has little impact on normal traffic.

Sand-containing fog seal technology has been unanimously recognized by the industry for its excellent pavement performance, simple construction operation methods, and excellent cost-benefit ratio, and has become a preventive pavement maintenance technology that has been widely used in recent years.