National Road Maintenance Plan

2023-12-28 16:35:17 ENUO

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In order to adapt to new development needs, promote the high-quality development of highway maintenance management, better serve the public's safe and convenient travel, and accelerate the construction of a powerful transportation country, the Ministry of Transport has formulated the "14th Five-Year Plan" highway maintenance management development plan.

According to statistics, the total length of highways nationwide has reached 5.198 million kilometers. Among them, there are 161,000 kilometers of high-grade highways, covering 99% of the urban population and more than 200,000 urban and prefecture-level administrative centers; the mileage of secondary and above highways reaches 702,000 kilometers, reaching 97.6% of county towns. Investment in highway maintenance continues to increase across the country, with ¥258.7 billion yuan invested in daily maintenance and ¥789.8 billion yuan invested in maintenance projects. The technical status of highways is at a good level. The level of road traffic safety has also been steadily improved. A total of 1.151 million kilometers of road safety and life protection projects have been implemented across the country, and 47,500 dangerous bridges have been renovated.

Facing the requirements for high-quality development of highway transportation, there are still some obvious shortcomings and weaknesses in highway maintenance management: First, the phenomenon of "emphasis on construction and neglect of maintenance" and "replacing construction with maintenance" is still relatively common. Second, the ability to guarantee funds for highway maintenance and management is insufficient, and there is greater pressure on continued capital investment.

In view of the above situation, the Ministry of Transport hopes to achieve the following goals by 2025:

1. The highway technical condition (MQI) excellent road rate remains above 90%, and the MQI excellent road rate of ordinary national highways reaches more than 85%.

2. The highway pavement technical condition (PQI) excellent road rate remains above 88%, and the PQI excellent road rate of ordinary national highways reaches more than 80%.

3. The recycling rate of asphalt pavement materials for expressways and ordinary national and provincial roads reaches over 95% and 80% respectively.

The road maintenance management development plan also mentions the issue of promoting the digitalization of facilities. It is hoped that the development of green maintenance will be promoted by improving the digital level of maintenance management. Strengthen the research and development and promotion of green maintenance technology, vigorously promote the recycling of waste road materials, industrial waste, etc., and improve resource utilization efficiency. Further improve the mechanization level of maintenance operations and promote cost reduction and efficiency increase in highway maintenance.

In order to achieve the goals of the highway maintenance management development plan, the state will adjust and improve fiscal and taxation policies and talent training plans related to the highway field to achieve funding and talent protection.