ENUO help its customer sealcoating driveway

2022-03-04 21:57:26 mxl19742948

Before asphalt crack sealing, the cracks should be grooved and expanded, and the gaps should be cleaned up before sealing. The groove depth must meet the requirements, otherwise it will affect the effect of the sealing. The main manifestations are as follows:

The groove depth is not enough, and the sealant used for filling the joint is less. When the seasons change, the heat expands and contracts. The sealant becomes very thin under the pulling force, and the road surface is easily damaged. At the same time, under the repeated rolling action of the vehicle, the aggregate by the groove edge is pressed and loosened, the groove will widen, and the sealant originally bonded to the groove wall will lose its function due to the loosening of the aggregate.

So, what is the appropriate groove depth? We recommend that the pavement groove depth should be 1.5-2cm, to ensure that there are enough materials to ensure expansion and contraction, ensure the effect of asphalt crack sealing, and prolong the service life of the pavement.

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