FAQ for Pothole Patcher

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1. Is this patching machine is for hot patch?

It's cold patch, it uses emulsion for patching.

2. Does it mix the aggregate itself or need to put here after hot mix preparation?

The emulsion and aggregate are stored in different hopper and tank, and mixed at the end our the hose.

3. Does it blow hot air during cleaning?

It blow air but normal temperature for clean.

4. What is the hot mix production capability (cubic meter/hour)?

It does not produce hot mix.

5. Can partially wet stone/ sand be used with this machine?

It can spray emulsion or aggregate(dry) separately.

6. What is the fuel consumption per operational hour?

It's depend on the working condition, around 8 liter per hour.

7. What type/ form of asphalt required for this patcher? Is this possible to use 60-70 grade bitumen? How long it will take for the asphalt to be liquid? Whether semi-solid asphalt from drums can be used?

It use a special asphalt emulsion, rapid break rapid set. It can not use bitumen.

8. How much time is required to get hot asphalt mix ready to be poured/ apply on road?

It does not make hot mix asphalt.

9. Is a compactor available with the vehicle? If yes, what is the size/dimension/weight? If not, is it possible to add?

We can add an plate compactor according to your requirement.

10. Can you provide more detail specification? Especially there is lots of patching machine right now in the market. What are the specifications do your machine contains which feature does not match with any other patching machine? (Please specify, it’s important).

First, we need to confirm a machine that suitable for your application, then we can specify the special features.

11. What type of after-sales service available? Which spare parts you suggest for next 3 years of maintenance? Please mention those spare part detail including price and others.

Normally we can provide on site training and 1 year warranty, if 3 years' parts, we need to check with the engineer.

12. Do you provide extended warranty on these equipment?

Normally our warranty is one year, however we can talk on the special extended warranty when we are coming into cooperation.

13. Is it possible for us to visit your facilities to witness presentation and demonstration of this equipment?

You are welcome to visit us any time, now we have one machine ready in stock, we can arrange a demo for you, when you are here.

14. We will look at procuring other equipment as well in near future, for example road marking, new jersey barrier installation and so on.

Attached please check our catalog for your reference, if any items be of interests to you, please feel free to let me know.

About the material for the patcher, our suggests are as following, which are very common, we have 3 sets machines in serve at Saudi Arabia, I think you can source the material locally.

A. Emulsion

The ideal emulsion for the patcher is:
Rapid-Break-Rapid-Setting cationic emulsified asphalt with bitumen content 65% above.

If you can not find such emulsion, you find the following type:
Medium-Break-Rapid-Setting cationic emulsified asphalt with bitumen content 60%.

B. Aggregate

Coarse crushed basalt or diabase aggregate in 3-6 mm diameter, dry and dustless.

15. How and on the basis of what is the equipment automation built?

Our patcher is air operated, the aggregate is blow out by blower and the emulsion is compressed out by compressed air, and the 2 materials mixed at the ned of the hose.

16. The quality of the "emulsion cloud". Does it change for a shift? Is it clogged?

The emulsion itself is a short shelf products, we required fresh emulsion, Normally it's not clogged.

17. How does bitumen emulsion work? Is there a filter?

When we add emulsion, there is filter at the inlet.

18. Emulsion pump? Performance? Drive unit?

No emulsion pump, low maintenance works, the emulsion is press out by compressed air.

19. Bin handling?

Abrasive blasted, twice paint.

20. Auger: material; rotation adjustment; diameter, pitch, reverse?

No Auger, the aggregate dropped by gravity and is blown out immediately.

21. Angle of rotation and boom length?

Boom 270 degree rotation, and the boom and hose cover about 4.5 meters area.

22. Warranty? Warranty service? List of consumables? Warranty, when replacing oils and other consumables in Kazakhstan?

Warranty 1 year, air operated, no mechanic parts, less maintenance, when there is problem in warranty period, we can sent you parts for free, and we use international brand engine Cummings and blower Pedro-Gil, it's easy to get service from local.

23. Commissioning, training our staff?

We can send you engineer to to train your staff, or you can send your staff to our factory also.

24. On which truck chassis do you recommend installing the unit, provided that the capacities for the raw materials are increased?

Our customer in Saudi use second hand Mercedes Benz, our Malaysia customer use Hino, also you can choose our Chinese brand Dongfeng or HOWO. 16 tons Chassis is OK.

25. Please describe the materials that require replacement in the process of work and wear out quickly.

As I said, there is not too many wearing parts, our Malaysia customer bought our machine for 6 years, in this 6 years, they just bought controller switch, 2 hoses, then nothing, of course, the engine filter and oil they changed themselves locally.

26. What are the differences / advantages / non-deliveries of Esun repairman in relation to analogues shown on YouTube?

Compared with other brands spray patcher, ours patcher is simple operated and more cost effective.

27. What are the main reasons for the deterioration (during operation) of the "bitumen emulsion cloud"?

The main reason is the bitumen is not the right type, and the bitumen content is not high enough.

The ideal emulsion for the patcher is:
Rapid-Break-Rapid-Setting cationic emulsified asphalt with bitumen content 65% above.

If you can not find such emulsion, you find the following type:
Medium-Break-Rapid-Setting cationic emulsified asphalt with bitumen content 60%.

B. Aggregate

Coarse crushed basalt or diabase aggregate in 3-6 mm diameter, dry and dustless.

28. Does the repairman install a vibrator, if so, how much? 1 or 2?

There are 2 vibrators for the hopper.

29. Let us identify your lead time if we decide to purchase this product?

A: Lead time: 70 days.

30. Do you obtain any certification (ISO, ROHS, FCC, etc.)?

A: Our factory is ISO certified.

31. Let us know the products HSCODE and port of origin?

A: Machine with chassis truck: 8705909990; Machine only without chassis truck(means you buy truck local): 8479109000.

32. Please send us comprehensive brochures, presentation and video of the product?

Attached please check the brochure for our pothole patcher.

33. Please tell me the strength of your products than similar product.(I believe your product is unique as its value preposition, please discuss it to me.)

A: Please refer to our brochure and proposal.

34. Payment term and conditions base on your company policy.

A: Payment Terms: TT 30% in advance, the balance TT before shipping or by L/C at signt.

35. Please state your warranty policy.

A: Our warranty policy is as following:

1)        The Warranty is valid for one year from the date the buyer receiving the machine.

2)        We warrants to the buyer that for any problem caused by defects in material or workmanship, we will send parts to the Buyer free of charge with freight prepaid and instruct the buyer to fix the problem.

3)        The warranty does not apply to any part of the commodities which has been subjected to improper or abnormal use, and the expenses on new parts and freight shall be borne by the buyer. We shall provide repair instructions for free.

4)        We offer free quality warranty to following parts which have trouble caused by defects of material and manufacturing technique: (1) Engine; (2) Manual blade valve; (3) Pressure switch; (4) Safety valve; (5) Pump for transfer oil; (6) Vibrator of aggregate bin; (7) Air blower; Maintenance of chassis refer to Dongfeng Service Manual; Tires are easy broken parts and they are not in warranty parts. The buyer should send the photos of damaged parts to factory for identifying trouble, and then claim a compensation on warranty regulations.

5)        If troubles happened in warranty conditions, without permission from us, customer is not allow to dismantle, inspect and repair this equipment, or, it will be waiver on warranty conditions.

36. Do you have MOQ (minimum of quantity) to offer us the most competitive prices for this item?

A: Our MOQ is 1 set.

37. Have you ever sale your product to Indonesia? Please state your prime market for us.

A: We have no patcher in Indonesia at the moment, we have patchers in Nigeria, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia.

38. Do your company present to establish an Exclusive Agent in Indonesia? Our company interested to be your Exclusive Agent in Indonesia.

A: You are welcome to be our dealer,  we can provide a letter of authority to you which will  go into effect when your first machine order is done.