Advantages of small crack sealing machine

2022-03-06 21:45:46 ENUO

As the rapid economic development, the mechanization of road construction continues to develop, and the market for small machinery is also growing; today we will analyze the advantages of small crack sealing machines. Why are small crack sealing machines becoming more and more popular?

1. Small size, light weight, easy to move, can be towed or pushed by hand, flexible to use, and easy to complete the road sealing; when it is idle, it does not need to occupy a large storage space; for those who need to move at any time the small crack sealing machine is undoubtedly an indispensable helper.

2. The small crack sealing machine is equipped with a heating system. The diesel burner heats the heat-conducting oil, and the heat-conducting oil indirectly heats the sealant. It comes with an electric stirring device to speed up heat exchange. The sealant is heated evenly and melts more fully and faster.

3. The small crack sealing machine is equipped with a hose and a material pump at the same time. Through the pressure of the asphalt pump, the sealant is transported to the cracks of the road through the hose to realize pressure filling and ensure the tight bonding of the sealant and the joint wall.

4. The crack sealing machine is equipped with a small gasoline generator to provide electricity, which is economical and fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, and silent.

Small-sized crack sealing machines are mainly used for the expansion joints of residential areas, parking lots, industrial parks, asphalt and cement roads, and the filling of irregular cracks. Small crack sealing machines have more than so many advantages, so you know why small crack sealing machines are so popular?