Crack Sealing Machine And Asphalt Recycler Shipped Together

2023-05-12 11:48:32 ENUO

On May 10, we sent 3 new pavement maintenance equipment to neighboring country, including 2 small crack sealing machine and a 1500L asphalt recycler. This is another important breakthrough in our overseas market. In recent years, with the development and changes of the international situation and the global economy, our continuous investment in the Southeast Asian market has finally ushered in the joy of harvest.

crack sealing machine

The equipment shipped this time has passed our strict quality inspection to ensure that it has good reliability and excellent performance.

crack sealing machine

The 180L crack sealing machine is compact in structure and flexible in use. The weight of the whole machine is only 600KG, and it can be towed or self-propelled. It is suitable for crack filling construction in small areas and small scenes.

crack sealing machine

The asphalt recycler machine with a capacity of 1500L, uses a rotating drum to heat the asphalt mixture. It has a double-layer heat insulation system and can heat 1000KG of the mixture once. The first heating time is only 25 minutes, and the continuous operation heating time is about 15 minutes. The work efficiency is high , and low cost of use.

We are pleased to successfully deliver our state-of-the-art pavement maintenance equipment to neighboring countries, we attach great importance to foreign markets and hope to serving the global market with the same dedication and drive.