ENUO Asphalt recycler repaired potholes on the municipal roads

2023-07-10 10:46:03 ENUO

Recently, ENUO helped the municipal highway department repair the pavement disease on a main traffic lane. Affected by the rainy weather in the past few days, there are many potholes, deep sinking and other diseases of different degrees on the urban avenues, which seriously affect the passing experience of vehicles and pose certain safety hazards. Taking advantage of the good weather without rain, we organized workers to repair the potholes in time to ensure the safety and smoothness of urban roads.

crack sealing machine

At the repair site, our workers first do a good job of safety warning and traffic guidance to create a safe environment for repairing work. Next, the workers began to break the pavement and dig out the gravel and debris, then cleaned up the potholes, and then used our own asphalt recycler to heat and regenerate the old asphalt , when the recycled asphalt mixture reaches a certain temperature, our asphalt recycling machine discharge directly on the pothole, and then the workers flatten and compact the mixture, and last the pavement was quickly repaired.

crack sealing machine

In this pothole repair construction, we used the EAR-TD600 asphalt recycling machine, it can be used to mix, heat, recycle and thermal insulate asphalt mixture or recycled asphalt product(RAP), and quickly repair pavement distress. EAR-TD600 has a 360-degree rotation drum type hopper, with hot air circulation heating technology, uniform heating, never coking asphalt, no smoke. Italian original diesel burner, stable performance, high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption. This machine equipped with a 100 liter bitumen kettle with heat transfer oil jacketed and thermostatic controlled, which has its own burner, it can provide bitumen regenerate for the reclaimed asphalt pavement and enhance its property. EAR-TD600 can produce about 0.5 ton of hot mix asphalt each drum, and approximately 1.5 tons an hour, which can patch minimum 12 area of 50 mm thickness. It is easily competent for general engineering repair work. Of course, if necessary, we will use equipment with larger capacity and higher output.

crack sealing machine

EAR-TD600 asphalt recycler

Due to the use of the asphalt recycling machine, our road repair work is very efficient, which not only reduces the labor intensity of the workers, but also saves a lot of expenses for the company, saving time and effort, and the work is completed beautifully. ENUO asphalt recycler is definitely a sharp tool for road pothole repair.