ENUO New Product - 5 Ton Asphalt Recycler

2023-08-24 16:22:31 ENUO

ENUO has newly launched a large-capacity thermal asphalt recycling machine RZS-2500. The tank capacity of this asphalt recycler reaches 2500L, it can heat 2 tons of hot asphalt mixture at a time, and the output can reach 5-6 tons per hour. It is a very friendly helper for users who need faster production efficiency and portability.

crack sealing machine

This machine is designed very easy to operate, with simple controls and intuitive interfaces. What sets this machine apart is its ability to completely recycle old asphalt materials, reducing the amount of waste and ensuring a more sustainable approach to asphalt production.

crack sealing machine

This new asphalt recycler offers our customers a range of performance advantages. With its ability to produce high-quality mixes at high rates, our customers can reduce the need for new materials, saving time, money and resources. The RZS-2500 is equipped with a smoke and dust removal circulation system, which significantly reduces the smoke and dust emissions during the production process and helps our customers achieve their environmental protection goals.

This high-capacity asphalt recycler complements our Thermal Regeneration Series product line and further enhances our ability to serve our customers. From small products to large products, from simple equipment to complex multifunctional equipment, our customers have more choices since then.

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