Hot In-Place Recycling Equipment Introduction

2023-09-04 16:32:52 ENUO

According to the requirements of the hot in-place recycling process, the design of equipment of different brands has different focuses. The hot in-place recycling equipment recommended by us is composed of three road heating machines, one heated milling machine and one heating mixer. A large number of advanced technologies such as hydraulic drive, electronic sensing, and automatic control are used. It can be heated by diesel or fuel oil, which is economical, efficient, and safe.

(1) Road heating machine

The three pavement heating machines are mainly used to continuously heat the asphalt pavement that needs to be renovated over a large area to fully soften the asphalt pavement mixture and ensure that the aggregate is not broken during milling and raking.

Technical features:

1. Adopt infrared and hot air combined heating method, which is gentle in heating, avoids aging of asphalt, and has high heating efficiency;

2. Effective hot air circulation balance system and complete insulation measures. The hot air circulation system has high pressure, strong penetration, and good heating effect. By setting up gas circulation channels, the heating temperature of the entire road surface is uniform.

(2) Heated milling machine

The heated milling machine is a multi-stage milling machine. After the three road surface heating machines pass through, the first group of milling equipment first mills 50-70% of the regeneration depth, and then heats the road surface again, and the second group of milling equipment mills the remaining thickness to prevent the underlying aggregate from breaking and strengthen the bond between layers.

Technical features:

1. It has heating and milling functions at the same time, making it a multi-purpose machine.

2. There is a set of milling and raking equipment at the front and rear, and a heating machine is added in the middle, which not only realizes multi-stage milling, but also effectively protects the grading and reduces the aging of the asphalt.

3. The milling depth is automatically controlled and precisely adjustable.

(3) Heating mixer

The heated remixer integrates the functions of adding regeneration agent, new asphalt and new asphalt mixture. The mixing tank adopts intermittent mixing, the weighing of the original road asphalt mixture, the addition of regenerant and new asphalt are all intelligently controlled, the metering is accurate and synchronized with the walking speed, and the mixing effect is equivalent to that of an asphalt mixing plant. The recycled mixture after remixing can, firstly, restore the performance of aged asphalt, secondly, replenish the asphalt content, thirdly, adjust the gradation of the old road surface, and fourthly, terminal heating ensures the paving temperature. Therefore, the mixing quality of the mixture is excellent. The equipment also adds the function of synchronous spreading of the sticky layer of emulsified asphalt. On special road sections, the sticky layer oil can be spread to strengthen the bonding between layers and improve the waterproofing and shear resistance of the road surface.