Zhongshan national and provincial road pavement crack filling and maintenance

2023-09-13 13:45:07 ENUO

In order to improve the road traffic environment and effectively extend the service life of roads, on September 7, our city's highway maintenance department organized maintenance personnel to start grouting cracks on national and provincial road surfaces within their jurisdiction. It is the golden autumn and the climate is refreshing. This is a favorable time to deal with road diseases.

crack sealing machine

This road pavement joint filling and maintenance work has involved 4 operating teams, 8 sets of grooving and joint filling equipment, and 24 workers. It started from National Highway 105 and will gradually be carried out on other ordinary national and provincial road sections in the jurisdiction. Before the operation, technicians conduct a comprehensive investigation of road cracks, formulate a detailed construction plan, and prepare joint grouting equipment and materials as needed.

crack sealing machine

During the joint filling process, our maintenance personnel strictly followed the joint filling construction operating procedures, set up eye-catching safety warning signs at the construction site, and arranged dedicated personnel to guide and direct traffic to ensure that the joint filling operation was carried out in an orderly manner with quality and quantity. The joint filling and maintenance work on national and provincial highways is expected to be fully completed by the end of this month.