ENUO Asphalt Recycler Helps Repair Potholes On Yixian Road

2023-10-11 16:18:45 ENUO

Recently, the Yixian Highway in Zhongshan City heading towards Nanlang has caused many potholes due to the rainfall brought by the typhoon, seriously affecting traffic safety. The Pavement Maintenance Center of Torch Development Zone organized workers to use the asphalt recycler provided by ENUO to repair potholes on this road section.

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That afternoon, the weather was clear and the sun was shining brightly. A team of 6 people from the Road Maintenance Center carried relevant equipment to repair potholes starting from Yixian Road in the Development Zone towards Nanlang Town. The potholes on the road caused by rain are dense but not large, and the workers are skilled and the repair work is progressing quickly. In just 4 hours, about 8 kilometers of road potholes along the route were repaired.

Due to the use of the asphalt recycler, the regenerated hot asphalt mix is used for repair throughout the entire process. There is no need to go to and from the asphalt mixing station, and you can repair wherever you go. While ensuring the repair effect, it also greatly improves work efficiency. Workers also praised this equipment.

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During the repair process, the workers skillfully operated the equipment. First, they cut the potholes neatly and dug out the damaged road along the cut edges. The dug out asphalt concrete blocks were directly loaded into the non-stop working asphalt recycler for heating. The emulsified asphalt carried by the recycler is then evenly sprayed on the surface of the dug trench to strengthen the bonding strength of the new and old asphalt mixture. After the hot asphalt mix is heated to about 160℃, it can be laid into the pit. Finally, a small road roller is used for compaction, and a road pothole is repaired.

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The RZS-1500 trailer thermal recycler was used for road construction that day, which can heat one ton of hot asphalt mixture each time, with an output of 3 tons per hour. If calculated based on an average thickness of 50mm, it is enough to repair potholes with a total area of 24 square meters per hour. Efficient and stable equipment coupled with skilled workers made the road repair work as smooth as water!