New 500L Crack Sealing Machine Delivery

2023-10-17 08:30:34 ENUO

Recently, ENUO’s newly designed crack sealing machine RRF-500D rolled off the production line and was delivered to customers. The RRF-500D crack filler machine is suitable for crack sealing projects on various asphalt pavements such as highways, national and provincial roads, county and township roads, municipal roads, residential areas, and airports.

crack sealing machine

The RRF-500D crack sealing machine streamlines a large number of non-caulking core functional components without affecting the basic crack sealing function, greatly reducing equipment costs and bringing more choices to customers with limited budgets.

crack sealing machine

With the downturn of the world economy, more and more customers are beginning to pay more attention to the cost-benefit ratio when purchasing road maintenance equipment. Compared with the full-featured comprehensive road maintenance equipment in the past, special equipment with simple functions, reliable quality and relatively low price are now more popular. As a source factory of road maintenance equipment with many years of experience, ENUO not only has a complete, mature and reliable road maintenance product series, but also has the ability to provide customers with personalized customized services. Over the years, ENUO has provided various customized services to loyal customers of domestic and foreign brands and has been widely praised. We will continue to contribute to the road maintenance industry with excellent products and professional services!