Routine road maintenance in autumn

2023-11-02 15:33:04 ENUO

In order to further improve traffic safety and road smoothness, since October, based on the characteristics and work practices of autumn highway maintenance work, ENUO has cooperated with our city's highway maintenance department to highlight key points and strengthen measures to carry out autumn highway maintenance work.

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The municipal highway department organizes maintenance personnel, and our company provides road maintenance equipment, pays attention to daily and seasonal minor repairs, and conducts comprehensive inspections of diseases on national and provincial trunk lines and rural roads under the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction. Formulate treatment measures to deal with pavement cracks, subsidence, potholes and other diseases.

At the same time, we will intensify highway cleaning efforts and clean up road surfaces, median strips, side slopes, and side ditch accumulations and litter along the roads under our jurisdiction. Prune road shoulder weeds and road trees that affect driving visibility, and carry out standardized repairs on road shoulders, slopes, and ditches. Inspect the drainage facilities on both sides of the main highways in the jurisdiction, and increase the cleaning and desilting of bridge deck expansion joints, culverts, weep holes and other parts.

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Administration department to carry out environmental improvement in the highway area. Focus on rectifying spilled objects on highways, accumulations on road shoulders, illegal occupation of highway land for planting crops, etc. Improve highway facilities, continuously improve the "appearance" of highways, and improve the safety and comfort of pedestrians and vehicles passing by.