ENUO asphalt heater

2023-11-07 14:43:21 ENUO

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Asphalt heater use infrared rays generated by gaseous fuel burning on the surface of metal fibers to heat asphalt pavement. Since the penetration of infrared rays into asphalt concrete is 2-3 inches, the asphalt material can be softened in a short period of time, and the pavement repair can be completed through loosening, leveling, compaction and other processes. Compared with traditional maintenance methods, the use of asphalt heater does not produce hot and cold joints, so the repaired pavement has better quality and longer service life. It also greatly reduces maintenance costs and is not affected by seasons and temperatures.

crack sealing machine

Asphalt heater is suitable for almost all diseases on the surface of asphalt pavement, such as potholes, cracks, ruts, bulges, looseness, exposure, etc. At the same time, it can also be used for road excavation in municipal projects, treatment around railway intersections and culvert manhole covers, road shoulders, asphalt and concrete joint surface treatment, cold joint treatment, and sidewalk pattern effects production, etc.

crack sealing machine

Advantages of infrared heating

1. The repair process is simplified and the repair speed is fast. The entire repair process only takes 20 minutes.

2. The repair quality is good and there are no weak joints, ensuring that the repaired road surface is integrated with the original road surface.

3. Asphalt materials are regenerated on site, saving more than 1/2 of maintenance costs.

4. It can reduce labor costs and reduce labor intensity.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection, no waste generated.

6. It will have little impact on traffic and will be open to traffic once repairs are completed.

7. Adaptable to various seasons and weather conditions.