Micro-surfacing Treatment Process

2023-09-26 14:46:41 ENUO

Micro-surfacing can restore the function of damaged pavement without affecting the original pavement structure. It is a strong and durable thin layer covering on the surface of the original pavement. This process uses specialized mechanical equipment to mix polymer-modified asphalt, aggregates, fillers, water, additives and other materials into a slurry mixture according to a certain designed ratio, and then spreads it onto the original road surface to form a thin layer with high slip resistance and durability. After the construction is completed, traffic will be restored within a short period of time.

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Suitable for preventive maintenance of important traffic roads, such as highways, urban arterials, airport runways, etc.


1. Waterproof. Since the entire road surface forms a covering, it can effectively prevent rainwater from seeping down and significantly reduce the probability of early water damage.

2. It is equivalent to adding a wearing layer to the original road surface, making it more wear-resistant.

3. The new road surface has increased friction value and improved anti-skid performance.

4. Improve the smoothness and aesthetics of the road surface.

5. Prevent pavement aging and loosening, effectively extending the service life of the pavement.

6. Can fill the rut that has stabilized.

7. After construction, traffic can be opened within a short period of time. Generally, if the construction thickness is 12.7mm, the temperature is above 24°C and the humidity is below 50%, traffic can be opened within 1 hour. Can withstand wheel crushing, but cannot brake, start or turn.

8. As a preventive maintenance technology, micro-surfacing can also be used as the surface wearing layer of new roads, thereby reducing the use of expensive stones and reducing project costs.

9. Really environmentally friendly construction throughout the entire process: operation at normal temperature, no toxic smoke, dust, noise pollution, and no waste water discharge.