MyRoadPro Asphalt Seal Coating

2023-11-10 16:44:02 ENUO

ENUO MyRoadPro asphalt sealing coating material is mainly composed of composite modified emulsified asphalt, aluminates, silicate and other hydraulic materials, well-graded ultra-fine basalt aggregates and special mineral ionic clay particles, natural latex and additives and other raw materials. The construction process is simple, and the construction can be completed by spraying or scraping the asphalt pavement once, and it can be opened to traffic in 2 hours.

crack sealing machine

After being sprayed or scraped onto the asphalt pavement, MyRoadPro products form a uniform sealing layer of 2-3 mm, which can quickly and effectively seal and bridge pavement cracks, stabilize loose aggregates, and infiltrate and restore aged asphalt. Improve the skid resistance of the road surface, improve visual aesthetics, and reduce the frequency of road maintenance.

crack sealing machine

MyRoadPro construction should fully consider climate factors and pay attention to the following points:

① No construction is allowed when the temperature reaches 13℃ and continues to drop, but construction is allowed when the temperature reaches 10℃ and continues to rise;

② No construction is allowed until the water on the road has dried or been cleared after rain;

③ If there may be rainfall during the construction and maintenance period, construction is not allowed;

④ The temperature during the curing and molding period should be greater than 10℃.

crack sealing machine

MyRoadPro asphalt seal coating material is suitable for preventive maintenance and road beautification projects of asphalt pavements such as highways, municipal roads, airport runways, parking lots and residential areas. It can improve the performance of pavement, beautify the road environment and extend the service life of asphalt pavement.