ENUO Asphalt Recycler

2023-11-20 10:56:31 ENUO

ENUO asphalt recycler is designed to provide hot mix asphalt for patching. Composed of drum asphalt recycler, automatic feeding system, discharging system, emulsified asphalt sprayer, and power output unit, it can be used to mix, heat, recycle and thermal insulate asphalt mixture or recycled asphalt product(RAP), and quickly repair pavement distress. With bitumen emulsion sprayer, it is suitable for dealing with all kinds of asphalt distress, such as potholes, alligator cracks, and rut in the municipal road, highway or freeway all season.

crack sealing machine


  • 360-degree rotation drum type hopper, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency; the first drum of hot mix asphalt output only needs 30 minutes, and in continuous works, each drum needs no more than 20 minutes; With thermal insulation layer, high working rate and lower cost.

  • Hot air circulation heating technology, uniform heating, never coking asphalt, no smoke. Italian original diesel burner, stable performance, high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption.

  • Equipped with a 100 liter bitumen kettle with heat transfer oil jacketed and thermostatic controlled, which has its own burner, it can provide bitumen regenerate for the reclaimed asphalt pavement and enhance its property.

  • Equipped with 20 liter bitumen emulsion sprayer, it can provide tack coating and slurry seal for the patching, and ensure the waterproof performance of the patching surface and joint.

  • Independent silent diesel engine for whole system, diesel consumption only 6 liters an hour, maximize reducing the cost.

  • Truck mounted design with quick coupling device, meet the rapid action requirement of highway repair, optional chassis truck.

  • Equipped with LED arrow lights to ensure construction safety; loading limit switch to protect the operator while loading material; drum roller pressure bar can prevent the drum from jumping during rotation; earth leakage protection protects operator from electrical damage; drum with temperature sensor to prevent fire.

  • Integrated intelligent control, Integrated intelligent control is easy to operate.

crack sealing machine

ENUO focuse on the R&D, Manufacturing and sales of road maintenance equipment. Currently, we have various types of asphalt recyclers such as trailer-type and truck-mounted ones with mixing capacities from 600kg to 2500kg. Our products are selling well in countries such as Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.  You can consult through the following methods:

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