Asphalt Pavement Crack Repair Patch

2023-12-07 13:58:21 ENUO

Pavement crack repair patch is a new type of pavement preventive maintenance repair material. The material is composed of asphalt-based polymer, thermoplastic elastomer, high-strength tire base and basalt. Mainly used for pavement network cracking diseases on highways, national and provincial highways, urban roads, county and township highways, and used in conjunction with the repair of road potholes.

crack sealing machine

This material has the characteristics of high tensile strength, strong wear resistance, no deformation at high temperatures, no cracking at low temperatures, and strong surface self-adhesive ability. It can effectively prevent rainwater from entering the pavement base and causing water damage to the pavement.

The construction process of pavement crack repair patch is simple and does not require heating. There is no emission of dust, smoke and other harmful substances during construction. It can be cut and spliced at will according to the road conditions. There is no waste of materials to achieve green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly construction.

crack sealing machine

The specific construction technology is as follows:

1. Clean the dust from the diseased road surface that needs to be repaired, and cut appropriate mesh crack repair stickers according to the shape and size of the disease. Tear off the isolation film on the surface of the repair patch, and then cover it on the diseased surface. Use a tamping tool to compact the crack repair patch and the asphalt road surface to open to traffic.

2. If the network cracking disease is serious, the cracks are too large or loose. The dust and loose parts in the cracks need to be cleaned first, then filled and compacted with asphalt cold patch material. Then cover the cut mesh crack repair patch on the diseased surface, and it can be opened to traffic after compaction.

3. If there are potholes on the road surface, they must be filled and compacted with asphalt cold patching material. Then cover the cracked mesh repair patch on the surface of the pit and compact it. It can effectively prevent rainwater from entering potholes and extend the service life of the repaired road surface.