Asphalt Pavement Potholes And Four-Season Maintenance

2023-12-14 10:45:11 ENUO

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Asphalt pavement potholes are one of the common road diseases and seriously affect road life and driving safety, so we must pay attention to them. Why do potholes appear on asphalt pavement? The reasons are as follows:

1. Under the action of water and vehicle loads, the road surface has developed small areas of loosening or cracks and other diseases, which have not been repaired in time.

2. The base layer has insufficient strength and poor stability. The surface layer has cracks and water penetrates into the base layer. Under the action of vehicle load, the disease will expand and pits will appear.

3. The road surface has not yet been formed, and the road surface is damaged due to the emergency braking of motor vehicles or the impact of external forces, such as mechanical collisions.

4. Poor gradation of asphalt mixture, uneven mixing, local segregation, small amount of asphalt, loss of main aggregate in pits under the action of traffic, etc.

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How to repair potholes on asphalt pavement?

Asphalt pavement pothole repair technology can be roughly divided into three types: cold material cold patching technology, hot material hot patching technology and hot material cold patching technology. Each method has its own characteristics and adapts to different situations. Construction personnel must choose the appropriate method according to the actual situation.

In order to effectively prevent the occurrence and aggravation of asphalt pavement diseases, targeted preventive road maintenance should be carried out in each season.

Spring: Grouting and sealing of thermal shrinkage cracks and other cracks in asphalt pavement should be carried out, and defects such as potholes, looseness and slurry should be repaired promptly and quickly.

Summer: The temperature is higher, which is a favorable season for the construction of asphalt pavement maintenance projects. We should take advantage of the high temperature period to deal with oil spills, eradicate congestion and waves, promptly repair the damage temporarily repaired during winter cold and spring rain periods, and restore the quality of the road surface.

Autumn: The high temperature gradually cools down, and coastal areas are prone to typhoons and heavy rains. High latitudes and plateau areas are affected by cold air activity in the north. Asphalt pavement repairs must pay close attention to the weather forecast and promptly complete the annual maintenance project plan. Timely preventive maintenance of winter diseases, such as crack sealing, frost heaving and brittle prevention, timely repair of potholes and emulsified asphalt slurry seals, etc.

Winter: Continue to prevent and control winter diseases, and do a good job in snow prevention, anti-icing, anti-slip, obstruction removal, emergency rescue, and road maintenance material procurement and preparation.