Our crack sealing material bitumen joint sealant

2023-07-10 11:04:07 ENUO

When dealing with asphalt pavement cracks, the use of road sealant to replace the traditional asphalt filling process is a major improvement in the current road maintenance technology. The bitumen joint sealant filling process overcomes the defects of traditional asphalt materials in terms of material properties, that is, the limitations of low-temperature brittleness and high-temperature softening of traditional asphalt materials, so that the repaired cracks will re-crack with changes in temperature. New materials and processes reduce material costs and labor for pavement maintenance.

crack sealing machine

crack sealing machine

crack sealing machine

The main component of bitumen joint sealant is a composite material of modified asphalt and heat-shrinkable rubber. Its main characteristics are low viscosity at high temperature and high elasticity at low temperature. According to the ambient temperature of the area where it is used, it can be divided into high temperature type, common type, low temperature type and severe cold type. According to different regions and different climatic conditions and pavement crack characteristics, the corresponding type of sealant is selected as the pavement crack repair material.

crack sealing machine

Advantages of our bitumen joint sealant:

A. Strong adhesion and high elasticity

B. Good high temperature stability and low temperature brittleness resistance

C. High water damage resistance and aging resistance

D. Compared with traditional joint filling materials, it is convenient, durable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and can effectively extend the maintenance cycle and reduce the number of maintenance times.

crack sealing machine

Application: ENUO series bitumen joint sealant is suitable for repairing and treating cracks on cement, asphalt, concrete pavement and airport runways.

Operating temperature: 185°C-210°C.

Dosage of sealant: At the specified construction temperature, 1KG of road sealant can seal a crack with a length of 8M, a width of 1CM and a depth of 1CM.

(For example: a longitudinal crack with a width and depth of 2CM is 15CM long, and the amount of joint glue is 2×2×15×0.12=7.2KG)