What Are The Advantages Of crack sealing Machine Construction

2023-07-24 10:55:35 ENUO

Nowadays, in the road maintenance industry, more and more people are choosing to use crack sealing machine for road crack repair, while traditional hot pot joint filling has gradually been phased out. After all, technology has been advancing, and the use of crack sealing machine is definitely better than traditional construction. What are the specific advantages?

crack sealing machine

1. The waterproof ability of the crack sealing machine is stronger: ordinary asphalt has poor elastic recovery and adhesion, and cannot play a waterproof role. The new road sealant has better adhesion, durability, and waterproof performance.

2. The construction cost of the crack sealing machine is lower: in the short term, traditional joint filling construction is cheap, while professional asphalt pavement crack sealing machine investment is large; In the long run, due to the poor durability of traditional construction and more construction times, the cumulative cost increases. However, the asphalt pavement crack sealing machine can operate at once, and the service life of the pavement can reach more than 5 years, which can save a lot of manpower and material costs.

3. The construction efficiency of the crack sealing machine is higher: From the perspective of the number of people required for construction, materials, and the impact of construction on traffic, the use of the crack sealing machine shortens the construction cycle and improves efficiency. Due to the reduction of workers' working time on the road, the safety guarantee of workers is also improved, and the impact on traffic is also smaller.

4. The use of crack sealing machine is more environmentally friendly: traditional materials are resistant to high temperatures and low temperature differences, and material detachment can cause pollution to the road surface.

From the above points, it can be seen that the construction of asphalt crack sealing machine is more waterproof, durable, and environmentally friendly than traditional asphalt hot joint filling, and the construction efficiency is faster and the cost is also lower. Therefore, they are increasingly used by more and more road maintenance departments.