Asphalt Heating Tank Construction Requirement

2023-08-10 16:44:21 ENUO

Can the asphalt heating tank meet the construction requirements in a short time?

In use, the asphalt heating tank has intelligence, high efficiency, low investment, low power consumption, low cost, high thermal efficiency, and can reach the temperature required for construction in a short time. It is easy to operate and easy to move. One person can operate a single set of heaters.

Continuous output of high-temperature asphalt is the production method of asphalt heating tanks. It has high output efficiency and can be heated rapidly in a short period of time. The supporting power, a single set of heating is not more than 6 kilowatts, and there are corresponding standards for the indicators of waste during use, can not exceed the high requirements of the higher indicators, the discharge indicators of the asphalt heating tank not only ensure that the higher indicators do not exceed the requirements, but also far exceed the environmental protection requirements.

The same is true for the application of asphalt heating tanks. It has fast heating, energy saving, large output, no waste, no aging, and convenient operation. All accessories are on the tank body, moving, hoisting, and maintenance Very convenient, the fixed type is very convenient.

In order to use the asphalt heating tank smoothly and achieve the expected effect, we need to pay special attention when using it. The height of the railing is not less than 40mm, and the vertical roof of the car is vertically installed. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the burning asphalt heating tank placed horizontally, in the shape of a cylinder, three to four meters high, with iron frames at both ends, about half a meter high from the ground, and the center is suspended in the air.