How To Correctly Understand Asphalt Pavement Crack Sealing

2023-08-25 13:49:40 ENUO

With the increase of traffic flow and the growth of road use age, various cracks will gradually appear on the asphalt pavement, such as transverse cracks, longitudinal cracks, network cracks and reflection cracks, etc. If these diseases appear without treatment, then It will lead to more serious problems such as road surface subsidence and potholes, which will have a significant impact on people's traffic. When there are minor cracks on the road surface, use the crack sealing machine to fill the joints in time to prevent rainwater from deepening the erosion of the road surface, which can greatly delay the aging of the road surface, reduce road damage, and prolong the service life of the road.

The material used for crack sealing - road crack sealant is a thermal polymer sealing material with strong cohesive force and high elasticity. Effectively prevent moisture intrusion, prevent loosening, edge collapse, cracking, and pit formation in the crack area, and it will not crack when the temperature difference is large in winter, so it can be widely used on asphalt roads such as expressways, high-grade highways, urban roads, and airports Filling and repairing of cracks and joint sealing of cement concrete pavement.

Road crack sealant is greatly affected by the local climate environment and road surface cracks, so only reasonable construction can have a good sealing effect on road surface cracks. Generally speaking, the process of using sealant for joint filling construction is as follows: First, use professional slotting equipment to dig notches along the cracks, which can be determined according to the crack conditions. The cut notch needs to be cleaned and kept dry, and then the sealant that has been melted in advance and reached a certain construction temperature is evenly poured into the notch using the crack sealing machine produced by ENUO. After the sealant is solidified, the cracks on the road surface will be treated alright.

Due to the complexity and variety of asphalt pavement cracks, high construction intensity and high maintenance costs when dealing with them, the use of crack sealing machines to fill joints has changed the traditional construction process, and has greatly improved construction efficiency and completion quality. The mechanization of road maintenance reduces the labor intensity of construction workers and improves the safety of workers' work. The improvement of efficiency reduces the unit cost, making road preventive maintenance a common consensus in modern society.