Manhole Cover Lifting During Asphalt Paving

2023-09-04 10:24:41 ENUO

Last week, the final asphalt paving work was carried out in the pavement renovation project of Shawan East Road section in Baishawan Industrial Zone in our city. Since there are many rainwater and sewage drainage wells in this section, a large amount of manhole cover lifting work needs to be done during the asphalt paving process.

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At present, the manhole cover lifting during asphalt paving generally adopts the post-paving removal method or the device lifting method.

1. Breaking method after paving: Before paving the first layer of asphalt, cover the pre-lifted wellhead with a steel plate. After the first layer of asphalt is paved, cut out the water stabilizing layer above the steel plate and lift the manhole cover. Or make a mark, wait for the second and third layers of asphalt paving to be completed, and then dig out the manhole cover above the steel plate to steadily lift the manhole cover.

2. Device lifting: Before paving the first layer of asphalt, install a lifting device above the wellhead. After the first layer of asphalt is paved, take out the lifting device and lift the manhole cover. When paving the second layer of asphalt, lift the manhole cover with the same steps as above.

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The disadvantages of manhole cover construction after paving are: waste of asphalt materials, high labor costs, and easy leakage of construction manhole covers. However, the device lifting method has the characteristics of high labor cost, many construction steps, and the construction process requires mechanical cooperation. Due to the tight construction time and short construction period, we adopted the method of device lifting to handle the manhole covers this time. After the paving work of the road is completed, it can be opened to traffic quickly, and at the same time, the beauty of the road is maintained to the greatest extent.