Hot-In-Place Regeneration Technology

2023-09-01 10:34:10 ENUO

On-site thermal regeneration of asphalt pavement is a technology for repairing damaged pavement in situ. The machinery used is a large-scale "in-situ thermal regeneration of asphalt pavement combined unit". The construction method is: heating and softening the original asphalt pavement, milling the asphalt pavement that needs to be regenerated, collecting it in a mixing pot, and adding new asphalt, regenerant, new mixture, etc. as needed. Mix to form a recycled mixture and then pave again.

Hot-in-place regeneration technology is suitable for large-area maintenance operations on asphalt pavement surfaces. It can treat pavement surface diseases such as rutting, surface cracks, looseness, low asphalt content, and severe aging. Hot-in-place regeneration technology cannot correct damage to the pavement structure.

Our company has sufficient construction management and organizational experience in thermal in-situ regeneration construction of asphalt pavement. We have rich experience in regeneration construction, and unit equipment with advanced concepts and stable performance. At the same time, we also have a complete set of complete thermal in-situ recycling application technology systems from old pavement suitability investigation and material analysis to recycled asphalt mixture ratio design and construction technology, as well as quality tracking and testing.

According to the requirements of the recycling process, the design of different brands of recycling equipment has its own emphasis. The recycling machine produced by our company is at the leading level in the same industry in terms of remixing and recycling technology.