National and provincial road pavement disease repair in summer

2023-09-21 11:41:20 ENUO

Summer is a period of high incidence of highway pavement diseases. Since July, our company has cooperated with the highway maintenance department to organize construction personnel and mechanical equipment to repair national and provincial road pavement diseases in the jurisdiction.

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At the National Highway 206 maintenance construction site, workers are operating cutting machines and joint filling machines to groove and fill joints on the damaged road surface. On National Highway 104, drilling and grouting were carried out on the diseased section. The work area has complete signs, standard signage, and neat traffic cones to effectively separate the repair area and the passage area, ensuring safe construction and safe passage. The person in charge of the construction site said: "In summer, the temperature is relatively high and there is sufficient rain. Asphalt pavement is prone to disease under severe traffic load. If not treated in time, the disease will expand rapidly and seriously affect safe traffic. In order to ensure the safety and smooth flow of highways in the jurisdiction , we used technical means such as washing and planing, filling joints, and on-site thermal regeneration to treat the diseased pavement with high quality and efficiency, and did our best to ensure safe and smooth roads."

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According to statistics, since July, a total of 132 square meters of road potholes have been repaired, 1,800 square meters of precision milling, 14,493 meters of asphalt pavement joint filling, 306 meters of road re-paving, and a total of 37,690 square meters of road and bridge deck maintenance. In the coming time, we will also intensify road inspections to monitor road conditions in real time and do our best to improve highway traffic capacity and maintenance service levels.