Road Maintenance Skills Competition

2023-10-07 09:50:16 ENUO

On October 6, the Provincial Transportation Union held a professional skills competition for road maintenance workers to assess the road maintenance skills of relevant departments in a cultural and entertainment way. The activities involve investigation and assessment of pavement diseases, design of minor pavement repair plans, and pavement joint filling operations.

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The atmosphere at the event was warm. The contestants carried out on-site investigation, disease assessment, repair and marking, cleaning of pits, and trenching and filling of joints. The work procedures were accurate and coherent, the movements were smooth and standardized, and the construction paid attention to details.

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Since the beginning of this year, in accordance with the overall requirements for improving the condition of trunk highways, the Provincial Highway Development Center has increased its management of daily highway maintenance. Maintenance departments in various regions will send experts to guide road maintenance skills training, and urge all units to increase investment in maintenance funds and update maintenance equipment. Efforts will be made to improve the effectiveness of road maintenance such as grouting, pothole repair, and slurry sealing. In addition, the Provincial Highway Development Center also organized professionals to compile standardized management guidance manuals for bridge and tunnel operations; carried out maintenance skills training; and held road maintenance exchange meetings. A lot of work has been done to improve the professional skills and business quality of personnel in the province's transportation system.