Spray Injection Patching Machine

Potholes on roads are a major concern for drivers and local municipal administrations. They bring traffic safety risks, may cause traffic accidents, threaten people's lives, and cause damage to ve

  • Model: CPB-4000
  • Tank volume: 8430*2450*2950 mm
  • Chassis total weight: 16 ton
  • Heating area size: 4cbm

Potholes on roads are a major concern for drivers and local municipal administrations. They bring traffic safety risks, may cause traffic accidents, threaten people's lives, and cause damage to vehicles and property. In recent years, spray injection patching has become a quick and efficient way to repair road potholes, which is especially suitable for older and busy traffic arteries. With only a small staff, a pothole can be patched in minutes and immediately open to traffic. This method of operation minimizes the impact of road repairs on normal traffic.

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The principle of spray injection patching is very simple, that is, a mixture of aggregate and emulsion is directly injected into the pothole to complete the repair of the pavement. ENUO CPB-4000 spray injection patching machine use high-pressure air to output emulsified asphalt and aggregate from different containers through pipelines, mix them evenly at the end, and then spray them into the trench at high speed. The whole process is simple and fast, no mixing required. In addition to potholes, this equipment can also treat road surface defects such as cracks, ruts, and shoulder damage. It can be said that one machine has multiple uses!

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Compared with the common cold repair and hot mix asphalt repair, the spray injection pothole patching has the following advantages:

1. The operation efficiency is high and the operation method is fast and convenient. Using jet patching equipment, potholes can be repaired in just minutes and immediately open to traffic, making them an ideal solution for emergency repairs and high-traffic areas.

2. Excellent cost-effectiveness. Compared with traditional methods, jet patching requires less materials and labor. Generally, 1-2 people can perform pavement repair operations, making it an extremely cost-effective pothole repair solution.

3. The repair effect is long-lasting and durable. The materials used in jet patching repairs are engineered to provide strong, long-lasting repairs. Long-term practice has proven that more than 97% of the potholes repaired by the spray injection patching machine can maintain a service life of more than 5 years.

4. Jet patching is in line with the concept of environmental protection and is more friendly to the natural environment. Jet patching can use recycled materials, generate less waste during the operation, and cause less damage to the environment.

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crack sealing machine

ENUO spray injection patching machine construction steps

1.    Remove debris, loose material and water from the pothole. This step is critical for the bonding of the emulsified asphalt and mix to the pit walls.

2.    Spray an emulsion layer to increase the bonding strength of new mix to the original road surface.

3.    Inject the mixture of emulsified asphalt and aggregate into the pothole with the assistance of high-pressure air, ensuring that the mixture fills every nook and cranny of the pothole for a seamless repair.

4.    Depending on the situation, you choose whether compaction is required, and then you can immediately open to traffic.

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Jet patching offers several advantages over traditional patching methods, including patching speed, cost-effectiveness, durability and environmental sustainability. If you are looking for an efficient and reliable method of pothole repair, the ENUO CPB-4000 spray injection patching machine is a great choice. As a manufacturer, we can provide you with customized services and complete after-sales guarantee to ensure that you are comfortable when using our equipment!


Dongfeng / Sinotruk

Overall Dimensions

8430*2450*2950 mm

Gross weight

16 ton

Aggregate hopper

4 m3

Emulsion asphalt tank

800 L




PEDRO GIL (or similar brand)

Air compressor


Flushing tank

Left pressure chamber 15L,right pressure chamber 45L

Control handle

Control emulsion asphalt switch, aggregate delivery switch,  engine RPM, vibrator