EAR-TD600 trailer asphalt recycling machine

EAR-TD600 is an asphalt recycling machine capable of producing 2 tons of hotmix asphalt in an hour. EAR-TD600 trailer asphalt recycling machine can recycle asphalt millings, chunks, and other RAP material into plant-grade asphalt.

  • Model: EAR-TD600
  • Tank volume: 1700 kg
  • Chassis total weight: 4000*1900*2000 mm


EAR-TD600 trailer asphalt recycling machine is designed to provide hot mix asphalt for patching. Composed by drum asphalt recycler, automatic feeding system & discharging system, bitumen emulsion sprayer, hot bitumen melter, power output unit, it can be used to mix, heat asphalt mixture and recycle recycled asphalt product (RAP), and quickly repair pavement distress. It enables contactors to hot mix asphalt (HMA) year-round, no matter the weather or plant schedule. It can produce about 0.5 ton of hot mix asphalt each drum, and approximately 1.5 tons an hour, which can patch minimum 12 area of 50 mm thickness. With the bitumen emulsion sprayer, it’s suitable for dealing with asphalt distress such as potholes, alligator cracks, and rut in the municipal road, highway or airport.

Operating Principle

EAR-TD600 asphalt recycling machine can recycle asphalt millings, RAP chunks, or pulverized material at a rate of 1.5 tons an hour. Asphalt millings, RAP chunks, or pulverized material are loaded manually, the hot air flow generated by the diesel burner at the front of drum is employed to heat up asphalt mix, the drum rotates during the heating process and asphalt mix drops in the process, which ensures even contact between asphalt mix and hot air; and asphalt mix is heated intermittently during the drum rotating, asphalt burnt is avoided. And heat loss is reduced due to circulated heating air flow from the air blower, which accelerate the heating of asphalt mix. A certain amount of hot bitumen or reclaiming agent can be pumped in during the process of heating and recycling, the heating process is controlled by timer, when time reaches, the timer will automatically shut down the burner, and the temperature in the drum can be checked, and the drum is rolled back to discharge the hot asphalt mixture. A diesel engine is employed to provide power the rotating of the drum, a bitumen melting kettle is designed to supply hot bitumen for recycling while a bitumen emulsion spraying system is applied to spraying tack coat in the patching process. The whole machine is mounted on a trailer chassis and integrated controlled.


          Cost Effective: Millings and reclaimed asphalt pavement are 100% recycled, save the cost for patching, cost effective.

          High Efficiency: Produces a load of 1 ton every 15-20 minutes or Approx. 3 tons/hr.

          Time Saving: Avoid the long lines and hassle at the asphalt plant by using the EAR-TD1000 to produce HMA at your shop or on the job site.

          Reliability: Recycle millings into plant quality or better mix year-round.

          Environment Friendly: No longer do you have to throw out old chunks or millings.

          Versatility: Ability to add as much or as little hot bitumen as you want to completely customize you mix design.

Main Functional Parts

1.        360-degree rotation drum type hopper, uniform heating, high thermal efficiency; Special design stir paddle, indirect heating, timer control, never burnt the asphalt mix. The first drum of hot mix asphalt output only needs 20 minutes, and in continuous works, each drum needs no more 15 minutes; With thermal insulation layer, the external temperature will not scald the operator and less heat is lost, safe and economical.

2.        With asphalt recycling function, it can heat up millings or reclaimed asphalt pavement on site, millings and reclaimed asphalt pavement 100% recycled, cost effective and environment friendly.

3.        100-liter thermostatic controlled hot bitumen kettle, which can provide bitumen regenerant for the reclaimed asphalt pavement and enhance its property.

4.        10-liter bitumen emulsion sprayer, it can provide tack coating or slurry seal for the patching, and ensure the waterproof performance of the patching surface and joint.

5.        Integrated intelligent control, concise and easy to understand, which ensure the operator to get familiar with the equipment rapidly.

6.        Silent independent diesel engine generator for whole system, diesel consumption only 6 liters an hour, maximize reducing your cost.

7.        Italian original diesel burner, stable performance, high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption.

8.        Water dedust system, no smoke and dust exhaust.

9.      Trailer structure with jack leg for safe and quick construction response.




L*W*H: 4000*1900*2000 mm

Net weight

1700 kg

Engine Generator

KOHLER, 6 KW, 380 V gasoline generator, electric  start

Traffic light

LED light arrow, Taiwan JINYUAN

Traveling trailer

Torsion spring trailer chassis, adjustable towing  hook height, heavy load automobile tire, towing speed ≤ 60 km/h

Braking mode

Parking brake and driving brake

Drum hopper


360-degree rotation drum type hopper, 600L drum  volume, up to 500 kg/drum, 3 drums per hour.


Italian brand diesel burner, AC220V, 100KW, 60L  diesel tank, 15 to 25 minutes heating up 1 drum

Temperature control


Temperature gauge

YUDIAN temperature controller



Drum driven

Worm gear speed reducer

HMA discharge

Reverse rotating discharge, discharge time 2  minutes

Thermal insulation

Aluminum silicate ceramic wool

Dedust system

Water dedust system, dedust rate up to 95%

Hot bitumen system

Hot bitumen tank

100L, heat transfer oil jacketed heating

Bitumen heating

Heating temperature up to 170 in 45 minutes

Temperature control

YUDIAN temperature controller

Hot bitumen pump

Gear pump, 400W, 1L/min

Hot bitumen pipe

Thermo insulation electric heated hose

Bitumen emulsion system

Emulsion tank

10 L

Application mode

Air compress, 0.8 Mpa

Emulsion pipe

Hose reel, 10-meter length

Cleaning diesel tank

10 L