EAH-P1x4 Infrared asphalt heater

1. 500 liters large fast acting oil-jacketed kettleGood for low volume applications. Sealant melts from sides inward. Recirculation helps move hot sealant from the bottom to the center to improve melt

  • Model: EAH-P1x4
  • Tank volume: 40 kg
  • Chassis total weight: 1660*300*1200 cm

Our portable asphalt heaters use a radiant blue-flame type of heat to warm the asphalt’s surface with short heating time and efficient fuel consumption, at the same time eliminate the risk of burning the asphalt. It is designed to repair potholes, alligator cracks, high spots, tire dents, spalling joints and etc.


1. Safety Design. With continuous electronic ignition system, these units feature efficient fuel consumption while eliminating the possibility of propane explosion. The heating panel’s outer cover is kept at the ambient temperature during heating due to a thick layer of aluminum silicate wool sandwiched between two stainless steel mesh.

2. User-friendly. Set by the user, digital timer controls the heating process. It activates ignition to start heating automatically, cuts fuel supply and stops ignition immediately as the time runs out.

3. Short heating time. It only takes 8-12 minutes to heat the surface to140-170.

4. Eco-friendly. By incorporating solar penal and recycling asphalt in the troubled area, it requires the minimum of power and new material for the repair, thus contributes to a sustainable future.

5. Low maintenance. No mechanical parts, low maintenance.




166x30x120 cm

Heating area

116x30 cm, 0.35 m2

Net weight

29 kg

Heating time

8-12 minutes

Work temperature