ESP-5000 pothole jetpatcher

Our pothole patcher mixes emulsified asphalt and aggregates at its spray nozzle and pours the mixture into potholes, alligator cracks, ruts and broken shoulders to cure these open wounds. Using our patcher, you can fix a one-square-meter damage in 5 minutes with only one/two operators. In addition, it adds to operators' safety by greatly reducing their exposure to oncoming traffic.

  • Model: ESP-5000
  • Tank volume: 4595/4895 kg (with crack router)
  • Chassis total weight: 5975*1962*2198 mm


ENUO pothole patcher produces longer-lasting spray injection pothole patches and road repairs, faster, safer and more economically any time of year. ENUO pothole patchers are the most versatile tools for road maintenance on the market today. One pothole patcher can do everything including cleaning the surface to be patched, spraying tack coat onto the surface, combining aggregate and emulsion to fill and repair, and finishing the job with a final dust coat of aggregate. By using ENUO pothole patcher, you can fix a one-square-meter pothole in 5 minutes with only one operator.


1. Safety Design

* With two strobe lights and an arrow board at the rear of the equipment, it increases jobsite visibilities and lends safety to the patching operation.

* Pressure safety valves fixed on air compressor, blower, emulsified asphalt tank and flushing tank to ensure a safer environment.

2. User-friendly: Due to adjustable boom, centralized control handle with spray radius scope of 5.5 meters greatly reduces the operator labor intensity.

3. Quality engine: Cummins diesel engine is employed to ensure high efficiency and low level of noise and air pollution.

4. Clog-proof system: Gravity feed with hopper vibration system along with venturi effect passes 10 cm rock through the aggregate pipe, eliminating the clogging troubles.

5. Unique pressure feedback system, effectively prevent aggregate pipeline clogging.

6. Compressed air driving aggregate transfer emulsion coating system, no mechanical or moving parts to break or wear and is easily accessible for cleaning and servicing of the slide gate and sub-systems.

7. Wide applications: Potholes, alligator cracks, shoulders and washouts in parking lots, residential roads, and highways.

8. Fast repair: With 70 kg/minute material discharging speed, it only takes 5 minutes to patch a one-square-meter pothole, and repair over 200 potholes of different sizes in a working day.

9. Good result: It has been proven that 97% of the patched potholes can serve over 5 years.

10. Low maintenance: No more than 5 minutes is required to maintain the equipment with 1 liter of diesel to flush the emulsified asphalt hose and spray nozzle.

Material required for the patcher

A. Emulsion: Rapid-Break-Rapid-Setting cationic emulsified asphalt with bitumen content 65% above.

B. Aggregate: Coarse crushed basalt or diabase aggregate in 3-6 mm diameter, dry and dustless.


ESP-5000  pothole patcher

Aggregate  hopper

5  m³

Emulsion  tank

1000  L


8410×2440×2950  mm

Chassis  truck

Chassis  truck

Dongfeng  or similar brand, 16 tons, 2 axles

Wheel  base

5000  mm


EQH160-40,  118 KW

Power  system


Cummins  80 hp


45  hp, 1500 r/min, 7.80~40.29 m³/min blast capacity, 300~1000 mbar pressure

Air  compressor

Pressure  0.8 MPa, Air flow 0.183 m³/min(2150r/min), 15 L gas  tank, 0.7 MPa safety valve pressure

Washing  tank

35  L, Working pressure: 0.5~0.7 MPa


Aggregate  hose

Internal  diameter Φ89mm, seamless, wear-resisting CR hose

Emulsion  hose

1/2  inches

Cleaning  hose

3/8  inches

Spray  nozzle

Emulsion  nozzle

16x2  mm

Aggregate  nozzle

Φ89  mm perforated pipe

Ejection  hose suspension arm

Working  radius

5  m

Control  handle

Central  control on emulsion delivery, engine speed, aggregate delivery, vibrator and  horn.

Joint  number

3,  operation with no fatigue

Hot  oil recirculation system

Recycle  pump

12  V DC


Ensure  emulsified asphalt temperature at 60±5°C