PTFE Heated Hose

Maintain temperature and load/unload oil, fat, resin, paint, bitumen, adhesives, compounds and food products without temperature loss. Our speciality: Flexible and robust design that can withstand pressures up to 50 bar and temperatures up to 250 °C. The loading/unloading system is approved for use in hazardous areas.

  • Model: ENUO01
  • Tank volume: 1-30kg
  • Chassis total weight: 68x68x30cm

Application: No heat loss Transport: oil, grease, resin, tar, paint, water, carbon dioxide, plastic, molding compound, etc.

Expandable pressure hose, made of PTFE DN 4 – 50 mm; pressure load depends on nominal diameter, up to 600 bar

Operating temperature - H 100 100 °C - H 700 170 °C - H 200 200 °C - H 800 250 °C

Rated voltage - 230 V AC/DC (other voltages up to 500 V)

Power Rating - Watts/meter, see model code

Pressure Hose Type - see Pressure Hose

Connection Accessories - Steel/Stainless Steel, see Accessories

Heating - Heating conductor, DIN-compliant construction, moisture-proof with protective braid

Thermal Insulation - Thermally Stabilized, Closed Cell

Silicone foam up to 250°C

Elastomeric foam up to 170°C

External Protection Braid - Polyamide, Black, Optional

Hose End Caps - PA Hard or Elastomeric Caps

Temperature Sensors - Fe-CuNi Type J, NiCr-Ni Type K, PT100 and Integrated Control System (HTI)

Connection cable - 1.5 m

Plug Connection - Circular Connector

Production length - from 0.3 to 50 m, depending on DIN

Type of protection - up to IP54 (EN 60529), protection class I

Tolerance - ±10 °C


oil, water, paint, liquids, chemicals

Raw Material

PTFE, stainless steel, polyamide,  silicone

Operating  temperature

100 °C, 170 °C, 200 °C, 250 °C (212 °F)